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The 1st Security Token Offering (STO) on

New Energy Vehicles Charging (NEVC)

network in Hong Kong

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Company Background

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Xeco possesses an efficient, innovative, diversified team from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with more than 20 years of experience in providing customers with comprehensive design solutions in high-quality electronic products. In 2022, Xeco commenced the business of NEV solution provider, with the aim to substantially reduce the pollution of our environment by fostering new way of electric energy to Hong Kong as well as the globe. With Xeco's self-developed applications that creates a seamless and sophisticated NEV charging ecosystem, Xeco is able to provide total solution of NEV charging with different business strategies to speed up implementation of electric charging vehicles in urban areas in the next 10 years and beyond.

The NEV Opportunity


According to the International Energy Agency, emissions from automobiles accounted for 48 percent of global transport carbon dioxide emissions in 2022. NEVs are a major step forward in the aim to get to a zero-carbon transport sector. It also predicted that the global demand for NEVs will be four-fold from 2022 to 2030, surging to 45 million units.

In April 2024, the market share of NEVs in China surpassed 50 percent for the first time, indicating that one out of every two cars sold in China is a NEV. It is predicted that the NEV market share in China will reach 41 percent in 2024 (up from 31 percent and 30 million NEVs sold in 2023).

The Hong Kong SAR Government announced the Hong Kong Roadmap on Popularisation of NEV in March 2021, setting the target to cease new registration of fuel-propelled and hybrid private cars in 2035 or earlier. As at the end of December 2023, there are 7,415 NEV chargers for public use with a ratio of 1:10 for NEV chargers to NEV cars. This demonstrates a significant market demand and growth opportunity for increasing the number of public and private parking spaces with charging infrastructure to reach the goal of about 200,000 by mid-2027 and largely reduce the NEV chargers to NEV cars ratio.

Project Background of XECO G-STO

XECO and CSpro (Hong Kong) Limited, a corporation licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission to carry out Type 1 regulated activities (dealing in securities, CE# BSH213) and the first primary issuance and distribution platform in Hong Kong specialized exclusively in security token offering (STO), proudly announced the collaboration to launch one of the world's first green security token offering (G-STO) for the New Energy Vehicles (NEV) sector.

The G-STO, targeting professional investors, is a pioneer in financing and investing NEV charging projects through blockchain technology. Each participant of G-STO has real-time visibility into the product/service utilization and estimated return based on business performance of the NEV charging project. By utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology on Ethereum, the G-STO lowers financial barriers in the private equity market and empowers a larger audience to engage in the NEV revolution.


Unique Advantages of XECO G-STO


G-STO prioritizes investor protection with a combination of traditional measures like KYC/AML compliance, business governance, risk assessment, and yearly financial audits. Together with smart contract automation and data transparency on blockchain, it offers investors unprecedented visibility into the product/service utilization, business performance and expected dividends from their investment.

This groundbreaking G-STO poised to revolutionize the landscape of ESG investing, pave the way for a cleaner, more resilient future and introduces a transparent, secure, and replicative investment model, allowing investors to benefit from financial returns from NEV business while fostering a sustainable planet.

for issuers for investors
  • Assets can be securitized and offer liquidity
  • Highly flexible investment structure - equities, debts, funds
  • Token may be listed on multiple trading platforms
  • Competitive cost structure
  • Access to regulated listing venues
  • Global 24/7 settlement on blockchain in multi-markets
  • Invest in underlying real-world assets
  • Transparency of performance of underlying assets
  • Isolated risk structure backed by RWA
  • Flexibility of payouts with auto-execution through smart contracts
  • Lower barrier of entry with smaller investment ticket size
  • Global 24/7 settlement on blockchain in multi-markets


Stephen Law

“China will aim to have CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. Development of NEV industry is an important part of the plan.” commented by Stephen Law, Vice Chairman of Coinstreet group, CPPCC National Committee Member and Justice of the Peace.

“As the international financial center, Coinstreet group is proud to take the lead in creating new financing model through asset tokenization in supporting the growth of the NEV infrastructure.”

"The highly innovative way of fundraising through G-STO enables XECO to expedite the roll-out plan of installing NEV chargers throughout Hong Kong." commented by Venus, Founder and CEO of XECO.

Samson Lee

"The success of building sustainable transportation in Hong Kong relies heavily on it's ability to establish an accessible and affordable NEV charging infrastructure. Innovative NEV infrastructure financing models can play a vital role in facilitating the affordability, scalability, and private sector involvement required to develop a comprehensive nationwide charging network," said Samson Lee, Founder & CEO of CSpro.

"This strategic collaboration between XECO and CSpro exemplifies both companies' commitment to innovation and collaborative growth in the ESG sector, and bringing new forms of financing to fuel the growth of the NEV industry."


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