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CSpro Launch Event 2023

CSpro launches issuance, distribution, and investment services for Security Token Offerings (STO) in Hong Kong and starts accepting applications from potential security token issuers.

CSpro Launch Event 2023

Vision & Mission

To build a fully compliant, transparent, secure, fair, professional, innovative, efficient and global security token offering (STO), issuance and distribution venue. Serving investors and asset holders, building bridges and creating value; explore new investment and financing models for the market and promote the development of the STO market.

Unique Advantages

Specialized / One-Stop

Regulated in Hong Kong

Past Track Records

Global Ecosystem

Cost Efficient

Proven Technology

Secure & Transparent

Highly Innovative

About CSpro

CSpro Hong Kong

As one of the core businesses under Coinstreet Group, CSpro provides primary market brokerage and distribution of Security Tokens ("ST") to Professional Investors ("PI"). CSpro's vision is to create new and alternate ways for companies to raise capital through Security Token Offerings ("STO"), as well provide new means for PI to invest in alternative investment through tokenized form of Real World Assets ("RWA").

We are committed to creating a compliant, regulated, efficient and transparent securitization venue in an innovative way to solve the challenges of the traditional securitization financing process.

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CSpro Hong Kong

Latest News

Please take a look at our latest news and events, where we showcase exciting updates and activities. Stay informed about our recent developments, including distribution & investment services, press releases, and much more exciting news. Join us as we celebrate these milestones!

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